Concordia University tuition reduction request for summer semester due to COVID-19pandemic

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Dear graduate students of Concordia University,

As COVID-19 has extremely affected the academic and financial aspects of students' life and potentially, all the in-person classes will be replaced with on-site courses, and the students will be deprived of proper student services such as Concordia clinic, lab facilities, and library. Thus we are requesting you to sign the petition below to empower us to deal with University officials to waive the fees corresponding to the services mentioned above. Following that, most of the on-campus and off-campus jobs already have been suspended due to the pandemic. This situation will be a severe concern for students to cope with the living costs, and this is causing a great deal of stress to all of us, especially the international students, who have to pay even more for tuitions, thus, we request the student services and University Officials to reduce the summer term fees as well.

Thank you,
Stay safe