Comprehensive and Sustainable Global Environment, Warming and Climate Change Treaty

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It has taken many decades for the global community to start making progresses and slowly achieving  environment results on the Tokyo Protocol. It took over two decades for the Climate Change Forum to start. And would take many additional years for implementation and progress. It took over a decade or perhaps longer to create a UN panel on global biodiversity. And many years are required to just now finally agreed on a UN global land and soil panel. With present mechanisms, structures and progresses, it would take many more decades just to obtain a comprehensive global plan of requirements and actions. The necessities and urgency to solve global problems, in particularly environment, global warming and climate change cannot be effectively, efficiently and properly implemented or solved in parts. They must be solved in whole and if possible, simultaneously and in coordination.

To effectively protect and revive the environment, adapt and mitigate global warming and climate change, a comprehensive global plan and actions must be devised and implemented. There are presently several proposals from the global communities regarding creating a Convention on Environment Protection and Rights (such as Earth Rights and Convention on Environment Protection Rights). This convention should be the comprehensive or main environment sustainable and development plan. Development such as Kyoto Protocol, Climate Panel, Climate Change Forum, Biodiversity Forum, and Land and Soil Forum should be parts or sub-sets of the Environment Protection and Rights Convention. Addition panels or forums should also be created in parallel or simultaneously such as Environment Protection Panel, Aquaculture Forum, Agriculture Forum, Wastes and Recycle Forum and Renewable and Clean Energy Forum. In other words, it is necessary and urgent to implement solutions simultaneously or in parallel and as a whole, from top down approach as well as bottom up approach and in interdependent-interconnect ways to obtain best ideas and solutions, prevent overlaps and oversights, coordinate and utilize all possible available resources comprehensively, maximize efficiency and productivity, minimize costs and time duration, maximize effectiveness and results, involve and inspire the whole global community, and for activities or projects to  complement each other and to strengthen and re-enforce their successes and results. Therefore, for the global community to effective adapt and mitigate environment and biodiversity problems, global warming and climate change adaptation and mitigation, it is necessary to:

* Empower, inspire, involve and collaborate with the world poor, vulnerable, outcast and indigenous communities to effectively solve global issues or make these communities parts of solutions. There are much knowledge, experience and human resources to help solve problems and advance the common good. This approach would certainly advance other global efforts such as universal human rights and environment protection and rights.

* The Millennium Goals cannot be effective or achievable without people and communities empowerment and wealthy, healthy and safe environment. Therefore, not only universal human rights be made part of the efforts, but also environment protection and rights must also be integrated in the over all plan. This way, the achievement or advancement in each category would strengthen, support and advance other efforts or categories.

* Implement, monitor and enforce of all UN Conventions and Treaties across the global communities. The efforts can be advanced by connecting and integrating conventions and treaties with Millennium Goals, Universal Human Rights, Environment Protection and Rights and Climate Change projects through an interdependent-interconnect-interrelate matrix which would strengthen, complement and support each others. Progresses, advancements or achievements in one or more would advance or strengthen others.

Many global crises cannot be eliminated or effectively solved with present global plans, actions and progresses. If further efforts and actions are not taken, then crises or problems would further aggravated which would cause much sufferings, destructions and losses for generations. Global mind, consciousness and awareness must be raised , elevated, encouraged and inspired for new ways of thinking, bold or ambitious actions, empathy, goodwill, collective social and environment responsibility and the common good. The severed  deterioration and potential  dangers of the planet life supporting eco-systems and global communities require whole plans with true or proper solutions and collective efforts to urgently solve or correct problems at the root causes or sources; and inclusive and collective global accountability and social responsibility to carry out the implementation and efforts. The longer the delay of comprehensive global plans, solutions, efforts and implementations, the more difficult or perhaps even impossible for problems and crises to be solved as needed or wanted, and thus further chaos, destructions, losses, and sufferings.

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