Commonwealth and UN Petition over Unacceptable Treatment of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

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Our claim is that the British Royal Family by acts of commission and omission contributed to the abuse of Duchess Meghan, who is of part African heritage, even when expecting a child, because they intended only to use her as pawn to promote their Commonwealth ambitions.

Prince Charles used Harry and Meghan, their intended marriage on May 19, 2018, to provide a show of diversity which resulted in his being elected as the next Commonwealth leader, reported April 20, 2018, which is of great importance to the British Monarchy and Britain itself.

Having secured the election, and made countless representations that he would have been a father figure to Meghan, Prince Charles abandoned Harry and Meghan to the hateful British tabloids to abuse, racially and otherwise, until Harry and Meghan had to flee the country. The so-called "leaks" was a means by which senior members of the British Royal Family actually fed the media the vile, racist content and colluded with them to cause harm to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

We claim that the abuse of Harry and Meghan also included public shunning and bullying by some members of the British Royal Family. The racist abuse of Meghan by the British tabloid press is already fully documented in the pending lawsuits which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have brought against those parties.

This abuse debases women and persons of color and is of interest to all persons who are concerned in the protection and upholding of human rights and dignity.

Prior to her marriage into the British Royal Family, Meghan was an accomplished and successful actress, charity worker, humanitarian, model, TV presenter, orator and ambassador for prestigious world organisations such as the UN and World Vision.

There is also copious evidence that after her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan added grace and elegance to the British Royal Family and was well received by well-thinking people. She also had significant, positive impact on the British and international  fashion industry and was successful in several charitable patronages.

The British Royal Family fail to understand, what many people do understand, that it was for them to make the relationship with Meghan work and not vice versa. Meghan was of excellent reputation and had successful relationships with people of all races prior to entering that family. The opposite is true for the British Royal Family.

The British Monarchy's failure with Harry and Meghan is disappointing for those who wanted answers to racism in society. It heralded a model for people in multi-racial nations to come together and press ahead with racial bonding agendas. It could also have provided bonding for the Commonwealth.

Although we are in no way connected to or endorsed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we represent interested parties who are related to the Commonwealth, women's groups, persons of color and persons who simply abhor racism and abuse of women, especially whilst pregnant, which is what the Duchess of Sussex had to endure.

We are also concerned for the future security of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in light of what has happened in the past to Princess Diana with lack of appropriate security after leaving the British Royal Family and wonder whether the British Royal Family is not attempting to reset this very same stage, by its actions.

We also seek appropriate investigations and censuring of the conduct of relevant members of the British Royal Family relating to the stated conduct.We further  question the suitability of Prince Charles to be head of the Commonwealth and also request the scrutiny of the United Nations in view of the high profile nature of these issues pertaining to racial abuse.