Save Summer Hill CommBank ATM

Save Summer Hill CommBank ATM

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Dear Commonwealth Bank.

The community of Summer Hill is very concerned that there is no plan to retain any proper ATM facility in the suburb with the  removal of the Commonwealth ATM at the old branch at 36 Lackey St with a new development proceeding.

Modern communities require the ability to utilise cash as form of legal tender from a financial institution, especially the elderly and the economy supporting shops in lackey Street Summer Hill. This is our only remaining institutional ATM for the entire suburb.

With a population rapidly growing over 8000 with more large scale developments pending completion in the vicinity - the basic resources and planning is needed to be in place  sustain this growing community.  Shops and the local community on lackey and Smith Street rely on an institutional ATM. Smart ATMs allow deposits and those from small business also to do basic banking.

What is really concerning is that a large billboard poster by Comm bank appeared in the area last week in Summer Hill saying 'heart lives here'. Whilst at the same time your bank is removing a facility at the 'heart' of the community. It makes a mockery of the situation unfolding and does not sit well with the community.

Residents should not be forced to unacceptable alternatives such as shopping to simply withdrawl cash, paying excessive fees or lining up at the already over-crowded local post office. 

The Inner west council approved DA DA/2021/0377, which clearly pointed out that an ATM would be removed back in June, possibly without consulting the greater community about the impact.

Infact, residents only became aware of this issue when the ATM itself issued receipts advising it was to be closed soon! There was no physical poster next to the ATM confirming removal at the time. The council needs to hear the communities and local business owners voices on this as further developments should be sustained with community facilities and resources. Where is the community consulting?

See Development Application - DA/2021/0377 34-36 Lackey Street SUMMER HILL NSW 2130.

We ask for a response on relocating the ATM from Commbank and a response from the Inner West council in addition to why no engagement occured with the community in light of the impacts and outcomes of this planning decision?

If you mean what you say and that the 'heart lives here' in Summer Hill then please show it Comm Bank, engage with our counsellors, Jo Haylen, and the broader community and come up with some resolution.

We would like hear from you asap!

P.S Supporters please lodge a feedback complaint directly on the matter to CBA : email or tweet @CommBank.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!