Justice for My Husband

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Dear All,

My name is Rekha Choudhary and this is in regard to my husband (Vivek Choudhary) who was hospitalized in Medanta, Gurgaon after he was brutally beaten with iron rods and sticks. With the way he was beaten (15+ stitches to his head and ear) and left on the street to bleed, there is no way that their intent was just to beat someone, clearly their intent was to kill someone. 

Only after we saw the incident which was captured on security cameras (and we have all the proofs available with us) we could imagine the pain that he must have been going through when they were hitting him with rods on his head and back, it makes me cry even when I think about it.

This incident happened in Gurgaon, Laxman Vihar, when my husband was coming back from some work. We could see in the video that the four accused were running and hiding behind the cars, going in and out on the alley in a way that they were planning something. And finally the video shows them walking towards the main road with two guys holding rods and other holding sticks. At the same time my husband’s friend dropped him at the main road nearby Kaza restaurant. As he was walking towards the house, the two people approached him from front and as he passed them in the alley, they hit him from behind on his head. My husband (Vivek) kept asking why and telling them to stop but all his efforts were ignored as they already had pre-planned all of this.  After the beating they took all of his belongings including his iPhone, gold chain, wrist watch, cash etc.

The extent of the beating was that when we took him to nearby hospitals they said that it's better to take him somewhere else as they won't be able to provide the medical attention that was needed at that point.

Their family members have come to the hospital asking to settle everything out of court. Even after having all sorts of video and audio proofs, we still had to ask the Police multiple times to file an FIR which they did as a robbery case and they did not put this as a case of attempt to murder. Initially it felt like the Police was going to help but our belief was soon shattered when none of the Police came to even talk to any of us. I don’t feel any shame and fear in saying that Police is not supporting us a bit (Audio Proof Available with us) and they are not doing fair investigation, since their relative is in Gurgaon Police and also they submitted lakhs of rupees to manipulate the investigation.

My family is not feeling safe as those people are on free to roam in the neighborhood. After multiple visits, an FIR 625/18 was finally logged but as I write this letter our FIR is still not available online, wherein all other FIR before and after ours are available for everyone to see. FIR 325/18 is also logged previously against them as well.

My husband is alive with God’s blessings and is with his family. My concern is that It could happen to somebody else tomorrow if they are not taught a lesson. And that is why I am writing this to help us get this in the eye of the administration so an action is taken as soon as possible and to put the accused behind bars. Pictures, paper cuttings, CCTV Footage, Audio Clips are available with us as a proof.

I am looking forward for your support.

Best Regards,

Rekha Choudhary