Commercialization of Education and Exploitation of Parents.

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Our Fight is against commercialization of education ,and exploitation of parents in the name of quality education :

Why Every year Annual fees , Re-admission, and Building funds are charged ?

Why school charge fee in two section one is in trust and other is in school name,action required on it?

Why school take signature on consent letter before giving admission?Are we sending our kids to Operation theatre ?

How come many schools without affiliation running in many states and spoiling child future? Strict checking required on those schools, DEO responsibility to take action on it, but not working properly.

Why Admission Fee/Donation/Capitation Fee is charged from parents at the time of admission ? Already rule & act made in RTE to control over it , than why action not taken against those schools ?

Why uniforms and books are sold by creating monopoly and earning profits ?

Why NCERT books are not recommended by the private schools ?

Why action not taken on those schools who are not following CBSE guidelines?

Why there is no regulatory body formed to control over fees hike?

The matter is directly related to all ,An Education is the future of Our country,On the one side Government schools are not up to marks and On the another side Private schools are not less than Big Business Houses, Its our Social Responsibility and Duty to come forward and sign the Petition and also share , a small effort to bring a BIG change.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”--Nelson Mandela

If we parent are really educated than it should be our paramount concern to secure our child future by taking action now.

Hope Our effort will bear fruit very soon......!!!!