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Comcast: Please Install Internet on a Deaf Child's Street for Videophone Access.

Dear Comcast,

You have refused to put cable lines in on our street because you claim there aren't enough houses on our street to make it worth your time. All of the other streets in our area have access to your internet service.

My son has Usher's Syndrome which affects his hearing. In order for him to make a phone call in an emergency or even to a friend, he has to use a Sorenson video phone that requires cable internet. Without this phone his ability to communicate with the outside world is blocked. He is 13 and calling friends or even to order a pizza is something he should be able to do like any other teen.

Your first quarter profits in 2012 were 1.22 BILLION. How can it hurt you to install services so a Deaf child can have communication access?

Letter to
California State House
California State Senate
California Governor
and 5 others
Comcast VP of Customer Experience Tom Karinshak
Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts
Vice President, Public Relations, Comcast Mindy Kramer
District Manager Laura Bowden (District Manager)
Install cable lines on our street for a Deaf-Blind child to have videophone access.

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