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Stop the inhumane killing of baby birds that are in nesting in cable boxes

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Comcast needs to ensure that birds cannot nest in cable wire/ outlet boxes that are mounted on the sides of many apartment,condo buildings and some homes. If they do find that birds have nested, they should use caution in removing the nests and birds if need be by setting them down in a safe place near a tree or bush. They should also let the local wildlife association know their whereabouts if possible. Ideally, Comcast would make sure older boxes are sealed or replaced with newer animal proof boxes. Recently, there has been an onslaught of killings of baby birds in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Comcast workers have been witnessed flinging the nests out of the boxes onto the streets, and also stepping on and squashing the birds as if they are garbage. Several of these birds have been attempted to be rescued by good Samaritans, or brought into the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center which is a non-for-profit rescue that relies on donations to care for the injured birds or humanly euthanize them if need be. Just today, dozens of apartment buildings in the Downtown Arlington Heights area were raided by the Comcast Technicians. Two workers were witness flinging an almost full grown baby bird to the ground from high placed cable box. The bird was injured and terrified. The workers did the same to all the nests in the buildings and killed several starlings - tossing them to the ground, stepping on them and squashing these nearly full grown baby birds. The poor baby birds were only days away from being able to fly. Several residents have been rescuing the birds, by placing wooden nesting houses in the trees and relocating the surviving starlings. Unfortunately, Comcast continues to kill and hurt the birds - and only a lucky few have survived. Comcast needs to find a solution to this problem and stop workers from harming these defenseless animals. Comcast is a huge company, and a very profitable one as well. They need to take care of this ASAP!! SPREAD THE WORD!!

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