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On April 4th, 2018 the accidental death of Brianna Templeton shook the Colorado community. Brianna was a kind and devoted mother as well as a well educated woman and fiancé to Tony Parker. On April 4th of 2018 Brianna was killed by a careless driver that ran a stop sign just moments after Brianna had dropped her child off at school. Despite multiple traffic warnings in place, the driver failed to stop or even apply “their or her” brakes and hit Brianna’s vehicle with the force of impact delivered squarely to the drivers door. Brianna died at the scene.

When we are visiting Briannas memorial at the intersection of the accident, we watch as multiple drivers fly through this intersection without even a sideways glance that they just ran a stop sign. Many others slow but never come to complete stop.

We are seeking signatures and comments to submit to the senate of Colorado, the Colorado Springs City Council, as well as the Public Works Director, and Traffic Engineer to reconsider adding a traffic light or traffic signal to the intersection of Rangewood and Austin Bluffs to prevent further accidents and save loved ones in the future. The traffic regulations currently in place are many as well as over sized STOP signs but this did not and does not stop distracted or those in a hurry. The entire residential area needs to be relooked at for the safest and best option considering it is residential as well as a school within a few blocks of the current area we are petitioning for.

Please support our #brakeforbri campaign with your signature as we try to make this intersection safer for everyone in the Colorado area.