Ask the SuperDelegates of Colorado to change their Vote Commitment!

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Ask the SuperDelegates of Colorado to change their Vote Commitment!

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Started by Michael Lengel

Michael Bennet-Senator

Diana DeGette-Congresswoman

John Hickenlooper-Governor

Ed Perlmutter-Congressman

Jared Polis- U.S. Representative

Blanca O'Leary- DNC Member

Mannie Rodriguez- DNC Member

Roy Romer- Former Governor

These are Colorado Representatives who are also SuperDelegates with their votes pledged to Hillary. As our representatives, their votes should better reflect the opinions of the people that they are sworn to represent. It frustrates us that that is not currently the case as the people of Colorado have spoken and overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders.(Bernie with 59% of votes and 38 delegates, Hillary with 40% of votes and 28 delegates). We feel our representatives votes should say the same. They are OUR representatives. WE elected them. OUR voices deserve to be heard. They should be speaking for US, the citizens, not for their personal opinion. As a member of public office whose duty it is to represent the people, even if they disagree with them, selfish desires and opinions should be set aside for the sake of the people they are sworn to represent. We ask that they change their superdelegate commitment to better reflect the people that they are sworn to represent! Their votes should be for Bernie Sanders NOT Hillary Clinton, as their people have overwhelmingly decided. We understand that they get their own vote as a citizen however, that vote should not count more than ours. Especially when it comes to the superdelegate vote. This is the first step in a long process that is bringing power back to the people and keeping votes from being bought. The whole idea of superdelegates is not fair and it is corrupt. Superdelegates, if we accept them as part of the process as we have been forced to do, should speak for the people in they state they reside in. Superdelegates discourage voting by making citizens feel like their vote matters far less than it does and should. It also puts more power in the hands of the people who need less. We feel that it is a privilege to be a superdelegate for the Democratic Party and they would not be in a position to possess such authority if it weren't for the people that voted them into public office. That superdelegate vote should better reflect how the people who voted them into the the position to have such authority, are feeling about who should be our next president. We ask that they recognize that as our "REPRESENTatives" that they do a better job at REPRESENTING us, the people who voted them there.  Below is a list of unpledged superdelegates in the state of Colorado, we ask that when they decide to pledge their superdelegate vote that they pledge it in such a way that represents the people of Colorado, since they too will be speaking on our behalf as a superdelegate.

Anthony Graves- DNC Member

Lisa Padilla- DNC Member

Rick Palacio- Party Chairman

Beverly Ryken- First Vice-chairwoman  

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This petition had 7,837 supporters

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