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Were it not for the article in Collingwood Today, “Developer seeks fast-tracked tree cutting permit for 17 acres in Cranberry Subdivision” we would not be aware of this issue.

Article in Collingwood Today

How is it possible that a permit would be issued to CLEAR CUT an enormous parcel of land BEFORE a site plan had been approved? 

It appears that this decision was made based on what is BEST FOR THE DEVELOPER and NOT WHAT IS BEST FOR THE RESIDENTS IN THE AREA AND THE ENVIRONMENT. 

We, the residents of this area and Collingwood ask you to sign the petition if you are in agreement that:

1)  Access to Atoka Trail (which many Collingwood residents use daily to access The Georgian Trail from Cranberry Trail West)  must be maintained before, during and after construction. 

2) A site plan MUST be approved BEFORE 17 acres of mature forest are clear cut.
Section 6.4 (b) of By -Law 2012-084 regarding the removal of trees, specifically PROHIBITS the granting of a permit prior to the issuance of  site plan approval. 

3) Maintain a forested 30 ft wide buffer to the Cranberry golf course.  Should trees need to be planted or replaced, the Developer MUST plant suitable mature trees (minimum 10 feet high) on an immediate basis, or the Town can choose to do so immediately and back charge the developer.

Please add your voice to this petition asap.  This matter will be fast-tracked and presented to Council on Monday February 22, 2021.  Do it now.  We need your signature and your voice to be heard at that meeting.

Thank you.

Concerned Collingwood Citizens