COVID-19 accommodation for Heritage College students!! Pass without final grade

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Heritage College students should not be penalized for the global pandemic occurring. What needs to be taken into account:

-Students are impacted financially, some out of jobs, struggling to pay rent

-Stress levels are heightened during these worrisome times

-Students with mental health issues are highly affected by being out of routine and staying at home

-Not everyone has a supportive, healthy environment at home

It would be a gross injustice to judge student’s’ grades at this time! That is why we should all be given a pass without a final grade, while continuing to learn the material without being graded.

Opting to grade based on current marks would also be incredibly unfair because there are always exceptions to the rule. It should NOT be up to the college to determine what could have been academically achieved for each student.

To not penalize students, we should all be given a passing grade without a final mark. This would allow us to continue with further education or careers uninterrupted due to COVID-19