College Board must change APUSH curriculum to include the topic of systemic racism

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The College Board controls the curriculum taught in schools across the country through Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The AP US History curriculum guide does not require schools to adequately teach the history of systemic racism and white supremacy. Although students learn about slavery and civil rights, the understanding of these topics that is required to perform well on the AP Exam is surface level. The College Board must change the APUSH curriculum to include in depth study of systemic racism, white supremacy, and the role of the police in perpetuating racially motivated violence. It is not enough for students to have a basic understanding of slavery. Instead, every student must learn the complete history of racial injustice in the United States and the profound effects that systemic racism has on modern society. The AP program is uniquely capable of instituting real change in the curriculum taught in schools across the US and the world. The College Board cannot continue to allow the education system to treat racism as an issue of the past. We cannot effectively combat systemic racism and white supremacy without a complete understanding of the lasting injustices and cycles of violence. The College Board must use its power over AP curriculum to fight systemic racism starting in the classroom.