Get Roundup® out of Coles and Woolworths

Get Roundup® out of Coles and Woolworths

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Why this petition matters

Take Roundup® off your shelves.

What is it?
Roundup® a (glyphosate) weed killer is a broad-spectrum herbicide, that means it has negative effects on nearly every plant with which it comes in contact. It is an extremely toxic hazardous chemical the Council sprays in public areas.

Roundup® is manufactured by Monsanto. It's the company that developed chemical products which have eventually become controversial or been banned, they include DDT, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, and PCBs.

Why phase it out?

  • Laboratory and epidemiological studies confirm that Roundup poses serious health hazards, including Endocrine (hormone) disruption, DNA damage, Cancer, Birth defects, and Neurological Disorders.
  • Roundup and glyphosate don't breakdown, it was proved by a French court that the manufacturer; Monsanto lied, they are not biodegradable. They have been detected in air, rain, groundwater, in people’s urine, and even circulating in women’s blood. Glyphosate can even cross the placental barrier and an unborn fetus can thus be exposed.

What can you do? Please sign this petition

We're asking the Coles and Woolworths to take Roundup (glyphosate) weed killer and other hazardous chemicals off your shelves. There is no “safe” dose for Roundup exposure set by regulators is not based on up-to-date objective evidence; thus current regulations do not protect the public.

Some of the Australian City Councils have to pay for employees compensation for the impact on their health and are banning its use. If it's not good for workers why should it be good for homeowners?


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19,946 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!