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Cold Fusion/Widom Larsen Theory Renewable Energy

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Cold Fusion atomic energy(non-radioactive) has been ignored and pushed aside in discussions/ presentations about alternative energy for too long. Already in early stage use in Italy. This is even safer than helium cooled fision nuclear reactors, and much more than those used in Japan. World leaders in nations/unions such as Japan, The United States of America, Russia, South Africa, The European Union, Ghana, Brazil, and so on have the ability and power to fully engage in the building mass energy production plants now. Solar, Wind, Wave, Geothermal, etc., are not the only alternative energy resources. (Different-common) "Nuclear fission power plants/ weapons are dangerous." I'm talking about the miss-named "cold fusion" or LENR technology which is a proven fusion energy source that has been tested and proven for decades. Cold Fusion energy generation can replace all forms of Fossil Fuels.

(Politicians need to stop being submissive to the oil companies, etc stance and suppression of this and other technologies)    - World leaders need to endorse this safer alternative as well - 

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Cold Fusion-Widom Larsen Theory Renewable Energy

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