Open Coffs Harbour Showgrounds for Local Homeless Families to sleep safely

Open Coffs Harbour Showgrounds for Local Homeless Families to sleep safely

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Started by Kate Wickman

Homeless individuals and families who have not been able to secure housing/accommodation, due to lack of availability, should be allowed to have somewhere safe to sleep in their CARS at night whilst they await approval for the rental properties they have applied for.

Individuals moving out of cities are being given preference over LOCAL FAMILIES in the rental housing market and as a result many are now homeless due to NO FAULT of their own.

They should not be in fear of fines or harassment. They should have access to facilities. They deserve to be seen and heard and not made to keep themselves “out of sight and out of mind” to avoid being further penalised for circumstances that are beyond their control. 

We, the people, who elected you to represent us, demand the Coffs Harbour Showgrounds be made accessible to such vulnerable and supposedly “protected individuals” so they have somewhere safe to sleep at night.

We, the people, do not feel like this is an unreasonable request as there is precedent set for such in cities like Sydney, who have faced these issues for much longer that we have here on the NSW Mid-North Coast. 

We, the people will not see our local families discriminated against and made to feel unworthy or undeserving of our support during what is, one of the hardest times in their lives to date. We will not and can not ignore our moral obligations to these vulnerable people whilst we still have somewhere safe to rest our heads at night. 

If you currently rent a premises anywhere in Australia at this time, you are one eviction away from being somebody this petition was created for. Please do not stand idle whilst our fellow people, friends and family are being stripped of their dignity by the State. 


1,907 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!