Stop the proposed retirement and commercial development of the Coffs Jetty Foreshore

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After today’s announcement to destroy one of Coffs Harbour’s most naturally beautiful areas by selling it off to property developers and transforming it into ANOTHER retail precinct and RETIREMENT VILLAGE, we are calling for local and state government to use the taxpayer money on enhancing the lifestyle of Coffs Harbour residents by developing what already exists. Improve the parks, maintain the beach access points; don’t turn it into yet another purse for some massive property developer at the cost of our lifestyle.
Unless the residents speak up, those who use the parks, beaches, Red C club, North wall access, the current government will just keep trucking along and spending YOUR money where THEY see fit; spending money that will eventually come back to line their own pockets. Stand up Coffs and those who holiday here; don’t turn this little slice of paradise into another Gold Coast strip.