Commit to #GreeningBengaluru with the Bengaluru Sustainability Manifesto

Commit to #GreeningBengaluru with the Bengaluru Sustainability Manifesto

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Bengaluru is in the midst of an environmental emergency.

Experts, governments, and citizens around the world are saying that the Covid crisis is wasted if we do not take a moment to pause, re-think, and build back better. While dealing with the crisis at hand is absolutely important, rebuilding right during and in the post-pandemic world is equally important. 

Bengaluru is the city of innovation, but lately, it has not been feeling so. With green space currently below 3%, water bodies rapidly declining, only 50% of Bengalureans having access to reliable and safe drinking water, and deteriorating air quality among numerous other issues, Benglureans are not getting the quality of life or future they deserve. Meanwhile, as other cities around the world are stepping up their responsibilities by reducing emissions and developing climate action plans, Bengaluru is heading straight towards deeper environmental crisis and rising emissions with no plan in sight to change course. 

Join us in asking our city to endorse and adopt the Bengaluru Sustainability Manifesto - a citizen vision for where we want to see our city by 2030.

Our key asks under the Manifesto are as follows: 

1) Establish a city level Bengaluru Sustainability Department by 2021

2) Launch a Bengaluru Sustainability and Climate Action Master Plan (BSCAMP) by 2023 - which includes targets to achieve by 2030 such as: 

  • Increasing green space from 3% to 30% 
  • Increasing mobility share from 48% public transport to 80% public transport and 15% non-motorized transport (bicycle and walking) 
  • Mandating all buildings to meet 40% greater energy and water efficiency standards 
  • Guaranteeing clean and reliable water supply to all citizens while sustainably managing resources 
  • Ensuring zero irresponsible dumping of waste 

This Manifesto was developed by the Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) with inputs from citizens and experts. To learn more and read the full manifesto, please visit:

By signing this petition, you are helping us show the government that Bengalureans want a cleaner, greener, safer, more beautiful, livable, and resilient Bengaluru, for us today, and for the young Bengalureans of the next generations. We want Bengaluru to lead the change in India and the world towards the green future we all need and deserve. 

Let’s work with our government to take decisive action towards #GreeningBengaluru!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!