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Save Madame JoJo's

Madame JoJo's has been the jewel in the crown of Soho's vibrant, quirky night-life for more than half a century. By revoking it's licence you will irrevocably diminish the unique character of this area: an area which has already seen a wave of devastating blandification.

For over 400 years Soho has been the place where the poor artists, musicians and idealists of east London met the rich and glittering residents of the west. It’s the beating heart of London, it’s where artists are inspired, where dreams are realised, a mecca for young pioneers, romantics and bohemians. Now, all of this is a risk as we see once proud centres of subculture be turned into identikit high end boutiques, chain restaurants and residential developments.

We, the community, feel it's our responsibility to ensure this does not happen. It falls now to us, as it has fallen to those who have loved these streets in the past, to save Soho. Please help us save the character of Soho by protecting the Madame JoJos site and making sure it can re-open as a centre for alternative club culture, live music, cabaret and burlesque. 

We should not let Soho’s lights go out on our watch.

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  • Westminster City Council Licensing Committee (Chairman)
    Cllr. Tim Mitchell

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