Overturn decision to close Gwernyfed High School

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Students at Gwernyfed High School have been producing improving exam results with some going on to Oxbridge and the top Russell Group of Universities. No pupil has left without a qualification in the last 5 years and every student has been supported to achieve their full potential. The school has a site and facilities which are the envy of many others and has consistently managed its finances by running a balanced or surplus budget. As a rural school it has close links with its communities, with many local groups using the building and being involved in the daily life and education at the school. This will all go if Powys County has its way with a “knock on” damaging effect on our communities.

The local authority's plan is to amalgamate the school with the high school in Brecon on their site. Currently that school is in special measures and burdened with a massive deficit budget and buildings which are in very poor condition. The overall plan is for a new £20 million plus building to be erected under a new name on the same site which would mean the special measures provision could be wiped out. Deficits can only legally be written off when a school closes, which it will do for 24 hours, so the deficit budget will disappear at a time when the council is savagely cutting its budget. There is no provision for achieving improved governance to ensure this situation does not happen again in the future.
We do not want to see Brecon High School close. We want to see it reach a stage when its educational standards and financial management reflect those at Gwernyfed and where it’s students and staff have a decent building in which to work together. This must not be achieved by sacrificing the quality of education received by students at Gwernyfed High School. It has taken many years to achieve those high standards and any new school will take time and hard work to provide the education, in its broadest sense, to which all our young people are entitled.

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