please grant Clemency for Sherman Moore serving a 23yr sentence

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My husband is serving a LIFE sentence for a non-violent drug crime. Sherman has served over 23 years of a mandatory LIF8E sentence based on the harsh, outdated, and fundamentally racially biased, "100 to 1 ratio" for crack cocaine. Under today's laws, he would have been released 5 years ago! But because Sherman was arrested in 1995, he has never benefitted from changes in the law that were not made retroactive, such as the fact 100 to 1 ratio was changed to 18 to 1 ratio. 

I have a stable home environment and job.  Sherman will have all the help and support he needs to become a productive member of society. His entire family is waiting and ready to welcome him with open arms. We just want to start a new chapter together. 

In Sherman's words: 

Twenty-five years ago I got involved in the use and sell of drugs on the south side of Chicago.  At the time I was 29 years old. Today I'm 56 years old, and I understand and take responsibility for my actions. I now fully understand the harm I caused to my family and the community. While incarcerated I have achieved over 1000 credit hours educating myself. 

More than anything I want to build a life with Sandra, the woman of my dreams who is the best thing that has happened to me since I got locked up. I also want to reunite with my children. There is not a day that goes by that I do not regret the fact I was not able to contribute to their upbringing and have a positive impact upon their lives. I speak to my daughter every chance I get and I talk to my grand babies. But, phone calls are limited and very costly.  It's difficult to bond with these grand babies by phone. I want to take them to the park, sit down at the dinner table and read them bed time stories. These are the things that everyone takes for granted but that I fantasize about every day. This is the nightmare part of incarceration that is so impactful and yes, it has registered as a deep sense of remorse and guilt inside my heart and soul because I know I am responsible for my actions and for my fate. But, I have done everything I know to do while in prison to better myself in hopes of regaining my freedom and this is my one and only shot at mercy. I pray that   Donald Trump, will agree and chose me as someone worthy of his grace. I promise to make him proud if I'm afforded a new lease on life. 
Yours truly,
Sherman Moore.

Sherman Moore is #10 on the Top 25 Men who Deserve Clemency.