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Clemency For Robert J. Riley; Life in Prison for a Nonviolent Drug Offense

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Bob has been imprisoned for far too long . He is not a young man any longer, and he feels, if not released soon, he may never see his friends and family again. He has more than paid for the crime of distribution and sales of LSD, and after 22 years, Bob is not the same man who first entered that prison. He is a Poet and a Philosopher, and would be a great asset to our society.

It has already cost over a half a million dollars to keep Bob incarcerated all these years. How long will it be and how much money will we spend, before we believe he has paid his dues?

Like many followers of the Grateful Dead, Bob was entrapped by law enforcement as part of the DEA's "Dead End" program, targeting Deadheads. Bob was one of thousands of individuals who were caught in this trap.

This last December, President Obama commuted the sentences of 9 nonviolent drug offenders, and now plans to release hundreds more, before his term is up.Your signatures will help garner attention and interest for Bob's plight, and in doing so, will help work twords his release.

I have been writing Bob since 1992 , for what seems like an eternity now. He has watched violent criminals and people who have commited abhorrent crimes , set free, while HE remains locked away for a crime that hurt no one. He is now almost 65 years old , and it is time he came home. We would appreciate your assistance, both in signing this petition and sharing with others, far and wide. 

Keeping a man in prison, long after pragmatic thinkers consider that he has paid his dues, is wrong, cruel, and plain injudicious. Even the Judge who sentenced Bob felt the punishment he was FORCED to hand down, due to Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, far outweighed the crime. Thank you in advance for all your time and energy.

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