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Clemency for Ferrell Damon Scott serving a life sentence for marijuana distribution

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Ferrell has served almost 10 years of a LIFE sentence for marijuana! His case was vetted by President Obama's clemency project 2014 and he was assigned a CP14 attorney who filed on Ferrell's behalf after it was determined he met all the criteria. One (of two) prosecutors who tried Ferrell's case even wrote a letter supporting his clemency and yet, his petition was denied.

This shocking news was even covered by the Washington Post in an article entitled: He got life without parole for pot. And he was just denied clemency.

We are asking President Obama for a reconsideration in hopes Ferrell will be given another chance to reunite with his family.

I am a friend of Ferrell Scott's and know his family. His children, Skyler and Serrell are amazing kids who need their father. Skyler was an emerging football star who had an opportunity to play professional football when his father was arrested. Needless to say, Skyler was devastated. Recently Skyler was given another shot at pro-football and we are hoping for the best, but it was just one more set-back to learn that his dad's clemency was denied!

According to Ferrell, "If given a second chance, I won't need a third chance because I am not simply rehabilitated, but regenerated and rejuvenated. A fresh new soul willing to reclaim my life. At the end of the day when this is over, I will consider it a minor set back for a major come back. My second chance will be founded upon the ideal of personal responsibility and conformity to both the laws of men and God. I will no longer waste my God-given talents, but marshall the forces of my mind to lend in the construction of self, family and community. I am not bitter, upset nor will I complain about my conviction - I am sorry for my crime and pray for forgiveness." 

Statement from The Scott Family:

Our family has been immensely affected by Ferrell's incarceration. We know this may sound cliche but he was literally the glue that held us together . He was a really good son, brother, uncle and friend to many in our community. He was a father figure to many of the kids who were without their fathers in their lives. He also coached his son's little league basketball team. If a kid needed sneakers, he furnished it and paid for the uniforms out of his own pocket, so the single parent would not have to be burdened with it. There is much more that I could say because we miss him and love him like no other. On behalf of our entire family and friends. Sincerely,  Marye Helen Scott

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