Keep CBD Legal in Ohio

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Clean Remedies CBD has organized an effort to save Ohio hemp CBD sales. We are fighting to keep hemp derived CBD products legal to sell, purchase and possess in the state of Ohio outside of the state's medical marijuana program. Helping thousands of business selling or carrying hemp based CBD products across the state of Ohio keep their doors open, lights on and food on their table.

By Signing this petition you will help: 

  • Keep Hemp based CBD products legal in Ohio 
  • Support locally owned CBD businesses in Ohio 
  • Support the freedom of choice in Ohio commerce

Why this is so important: 

  • Hundreds, if not thousands of businesses and jobs are at stake 
  • Your favorite CBD products could go away 
  • The state of Ohio is in violation of the 2014 Farm Bill


The Ohio CBD Movement coalition was formed by Clean Remedies CBD, to bring CBD companies, users and advocates together to urge the state of Ohio to redefine the hemp CBD laws and make it assessable to all.

The state does not have a defined distinction between CBD derived from industrial hemp and CBD derived from marijuana. 

In August the Ohio Board of Pharmacy released a statement claiming that the sale and possession of CBD products, regardless if they are derived from hemp or marijuana or considered illegal as "defined" by the States medical marijuana program. However said program does not have a distinction between hemp derived CBD or marijuana derived CBD.


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