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Clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Not all trash ends up at the dump. A river, sewer or beach can't catch everything the rain washes away. In fact earth's largest landfill isn't on land at all.The Great Pacific Garbage Patch stretches across of the north pacific ocean, forming a floating junk yard on the seas. It's the perfect example for a worldwide problem: plastic that begins on land but then ends up in the ocean, often animals are found dead with rubbish in there stomachs or around there necks. This island of garbage is becoming more and more harmful to the environment.The great pacific garbage patch is the size of Texas in the North Pacific. Which an estimated six kg's of plastic for every kg of natural plankton along with other slow degrading garbage. It swirls slowly around like a clock, clogged with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds

It is the world's responsibility to leave nature as we received it for future generations to come. The current situation of the great pacific garbage patch is seriously threatening marine life.So please sign this petition to show your support towards the clean up of the garbage patch so then we can inform the governments around the pacific to fund the clean up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Please join us!

One ocean one people!

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