Remove the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Winnipeg

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History is written by those who win. This ideology has always reigned true, until now. Today e are living in the information era, where being uninformed is a choice one must consciously make. With so many resources at our fingertips, ignorance is no longer inadmissible. Facts are readily available to everyone with the proper access, however, it is apparent some are not as well known as they ought to be. The Gandhi statue has been a symbol of minority oppression since its debut. The Punjabi community, which makes up a considerable amount of our city has been continuously disturbed by said statue for many years. It has been difficult walking past a celebratory statue of a man who was outwardly racist and pedophilic. It is no secret that Gandhi’s early writing expressed his belief that black people are “troublesome and very dirty and live like animals” (NPR Org, 2019). He also performed “celibacy tests” (The Guardian, 2018)with underage girls none other than his own grand-nieces. As more and more countries come to the realisation that his actions diabolical and remove his statues, we encourage the city of Winnipeg to follow suit. The disdain for this monument has been no secret amongst the Punjabi community and we are relieved that others are finally being presented with the true story of who this so-called “hero” was. To display a symbolism of everything Canada stands against is unwise and quite frankly insulting. Please consider the removal of this statue, as his values and legacy are not something our children and society as a whole should celebrate.