Keep the City of Winnipeg from lowering residential speed limit to 30 km/hr.

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We, the undersigned, are opposed to the lowering of the speed limit on Winnipeg residential streets to 30 km/hr as proposed by another group of people.  We, the signers of this petition, strongly believe the current 50 km/hr is a fair speed limit for residential streets.  We feel the 50 km/hr will maintain a smoother traffic flow essential to the day to day business operations in our city, will continue to be beneficial for the travel of citizens and visitors in Winnipeg, and will not unfairly compromise the safety of pedestrians and cyclists who follow the rules of the road.  It is also our strong opinion the City of Winnipeg will contemplate lowering the speed limit in order to enact predatory photo radar practices against the commuters in our city.   Furthermore, we the signers, vow to vote against any politician who supports the lower speed limit.