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The Windsor Community Fridge Program aims to provide Free Fresh Produce to the people of Windsor! 
It is a take what you need, leave what you don’t system, to address the gaps of food insecurity, and homelessness in Windsor that food banks cannot address.

The city of Windsor forced us to remove the Community Fridge from the sidewalk, and relocate it into the inside of the store sponsoring us (LowendCo) at 365 Pelissier. We contacted the city to ask what needs to be done to get the fridge back up and running on the sidewalk. They informed us that no form of permit can be issued to cover the fridge, without putting down $5,000,000 liability insurance ourselves for the fridge.

HOWEVER, the city informed us that the City Councillor Rino Bortolin and Mayor Drew Dilkens have the power to approve our fridge to go back up on the sidewalk ASAP.

It is extremely important that this fridge be moved back to the street IMMEDIATELY, as people in the community are already utilizing the fresh produce and need to rely on us as a stable and safe source of fresh fruits and vegetables.