Help to improve the safety of children in Clair Hills

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This petition is written on behalf of the Safe School Travel Committee at Edna Staebler Public School in Waterloo, ON.

We are a group of dedicated community members committed to create a safer environment for our children, immediately outside of the school and in the surrounding community, before and after school.  This committee is made up of parents, students and school administrators, supported by the Student Transportation Service of Waterloo (STSWR) travel planner, Dawn Cordeiro. 

We have been engaged in a number of activities to change travel behaviour at the school level including: changes to our parking lot routines, increased signage, regular communication to families, celebrating bike and walk to school days, participating in community walkabouts, working with student trailblazers and collecting survey data from families and students. Our recent family survey data (42% of our families responded) has shown three key themes which might help explain why there is increased traffic around Edna Staebler Public School during commute times. These reasons are:

  • The Journey Elicits Fear

  • Frustration With People Not Following The Rules

  • Walking Experience

The key data points from our survey results have been organized into the following documents:

We encourage supporters to read carefully through these documents, as they contain valuable data that informs our conclusions about the current safety needs of the surrounding neighbourhoods, and highlight areas that we would like to address, with both process improvements and structural changes on the roadway. 

Our Committee is formally requesting from the City of Waterloo: 

  • A crosswalk / 3 way stop at the intersection of St. Moritz Avenue and Montpellier Drive; 
  • No parking on St. Moritz Avenue, near the school (to improve sight lines);
  • A stop sign at the intersection of Paris Blvd and Chablis Drive to make it a four way stop;
  • Two stop signs at the intersection of Bernay Drive and Sauve Crescent, to make it a three way stop;
  • Increased safety measures at the Erbsville Crosswalk near Chablis Drive (e.g. increased crossing guard time);
  • Increased by-law patrol;
  • Winter maintenance on the walking trails behind Edna Staebler Public School.

Supporters can help us to amplify our safety requests by sharing this petition on social media. Your support will help us to keep our children safe! We appreciate all supporters for their time and efforts. We'll work to keep you updated on our progress!

- Safe School Travel Committee, Edna Staebler Public School