Stop private pool rentals by the hour in residential areas (through Swimply)

Stop private pool rentals by the hour in residential areas (through Swimply)

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Peace Freedom started this petition to Government of Ontario (Premier of Ontario) and

Neighbours in Toronto are suffering from private pool rentals by the hour through Swimply. This is a commercial business being run in residential areas and it is not permitted by the city of Toronto, yet owners continue, even when given notices of zoning violations! These private pools could be regarded as public pools with no licenses or regulations, and Public Health Units and the Municipality should stop them  accordingly!

Strangers are coming daily to our quiet neighborhoods, parking everywhere on the street, lingering on the street, being loud. The noise levels are unbearable and constant, daily from 9 AM to 11 PM, evenings and weekends being the worst. There are families, smaller or larger groups that rent private pools, hot tubs, BBQs, having events, swimming lessons, with persistent yelling, screaming, loud talking, noises, laughing, parties, music, drinking, drugs, smoking, dogs, and almost all behaving like they are in a resort, with no consideration to the surrounding properties. Cars and people come and go, people are often drunk, they check neighbours’ properties. There are ongoing loud voices, music, parties, nuisance, offensive and obscene language, that the pool owners just ignore!

Neighbours’ complaints are completely ignored. They are not able to enjoy their backyards anymore due to the permanent disturbance and are in complete distress! Community’s safety is put at risk, people’s residential rights and mental well being are being distroyed by pool owners making money at our expense!

The  City of Toronto is not able to enforce this violation, nor is it able to do anything regarding the noise, which is incomprehensible and unacceptable! All our complaints about noise have been either not filed by the city, as they said they are not dealing with this kind of noise, or on extreme occasions filed as amplified sound, with no result. We have been living in hell for over 3 month with the city not being able to address any of our issues. Neighbours have been affected on multiple levels, and are not able to live like this anymore!

Swimply should not be allowed in Toronto, in Ontario or in Canada! Pool owners should be stopped by the city to rent their private pools out! The city should change the bylaws and enforce the shut down of this activity immediatly and permanently! The city should also be able to do something to stop unreasonable and persistent noise in situations like these!

Stop this activity right now and give our peace and freedom back!

This perturbation has been highly disruptive to the living of the entire surrounding neighbourhood, and with the daily introduction of many outsiders to the area, it easily becomes a serious public safety and health concern. 

The unreasonable and persistent daily noise is disturbing and impacting the community and the tranquility of the neighborhood at the expense of abiding residents. Our community is suffering the greed, selfishness and negligence of the offending property owners, and their audacity is growing by the minute. 

Additionally, there are other potential issues being introduced: tax evasion by pool owners, as they may not declare the income from pool rentals, improper home and pool insurance coverage, as they may not let insurance companies know about this activity, HST not being applied, and possible impact to banks if there is a mortgage lien on the property

As such, we would greatly appreciate it if you could please help all of us that are in a similar position, by signing this petition in resolving this issue before any more damage to communities is caused by the offending property owners’ irresponsible actions.

There are numerous similar complaints that the city has received. If you are in a similar situation, call your municipality and your public health unit to open complaints, write to your councillor for help!

What plan is there at the municipal, provincial, federal level to address these issues introduced by Swimply platform (and with upcoming platform Joyspace), which are encountered now by a multitude of people in Toronto, and hopefully to stop this activity from continuing?

Thank you to all that support this cause!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!