City of Toronto Allow Dog Daycares (Day Kennels) to Remain Open

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The province of Ontario has deemed "Boarding Kennels" allowed to remain open in the new Province Wide Shutdown. Dog daycares fall under the title "boarding kennel" since they do both day boarding and night boarding to guarantee everyone (especially essential workers) is able to have their pets looked after so they can perform their jobs properly. 311, and the City of Toronto have decided that "Boarding Kennels" is only classified as when dogs stay over night, and that daycares are not essential. Other jurisdictions in Ontario have made the ruling that daycares are essential, and are classified as "Boarding Kennels" such as: Mississauga, Burlington, Brampton, Pickering and Kitchener. When speaking to Animal Welfare, which falls under the city of Toronto's Government, they stated that our essential workers must take it upon themselves to find a friend or family member to watch their pet. We wholeheartedly disagree with this attitude, and believe that caring for animals during this unprecedented time is an essential service. All daycares are taking the precautions necessary to guarantee the health and safety of our pets and parents, and are following all Province Wide Regulations.