Don't Let Them Freeze

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Citing COVID-19, Thunder Bay Animal Services made the decision to close their doors to cats. They refuse to shelter stray/abandoned cats, accepting only cats that are sick or injured.

We know these cats are not feral. They are former pets that cannot survive outdoors, especially since it is getting colder.

Can you imagine leaving a kitten out in the cold, like this one that was discovered in a box? She was fortunate, but how many will be left to die because Thunder Bay Animal Services refuses to shelter all abandoned cats and kittens.

What you need to know: 

  • Pound Act: definition of a pound - must accept all animals for which by-laws are written. There is a cat by-law.
  • Humane Society has offered to take stray/abandoned cats. AS has moved cats and kennels to their building.
  • As of this posting there are only 7 cats at AS with a push to move out more. Capacity to house cats at AS is 100. The facility will be empty.
  • We all know COVID-19 does not respect boundaries. HS building is much smaller than AS. Why  is HS, a non-profit, on Rosslyn Rd. willing to help those in need, yet Animal Services funded by the taxpayer is not? Is AS more concerned about transmission than HS?
  • AS is open for business now (no micro-chipping) with COVID-19 protocols in place.
  • Renovations are being done.
  • Animal Control officers are only picking up sick and injured cats. They will not pick up stray/abandoned cats nor deliver any to the Humane Society except those that are currently there, leaving finders to transport.
  • Other municipal pounds in Ontario, including those in high risk COVID-19 areas, are open (ie: Toronto, Peel).

Stray/abandoned pregnant cats, motherless kittens, moms and litters and senior cats are denied shelter at Animal Services.  They will be left to freeze.

We ask that Animal Services re-examine this practice and open its doors to all cats needing shelter and care.

Please sign and share. We need many voices to speak for those whose cries are ignored.