Support the Regina Police Service

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We should not allow horrible events that are taking place in the United States define how we as citizens view our own police.  The Regina Police Service does great work and the people of Regina depend on these first responders to keep them safe.

We want the municipal government of the City of Regina to know that the majority of citizens support the Regina Police Service.  These men and women are faced with a difficult job but still perform it professionally day in and day out.

Regina has the second highest Crime Severity Index (CSI) in Canada.  At the same time, Regina’s population has recently grown significantly without the addition of more police officers.  As a result, the number of police officers per 100,000 population in Regina has dropped below that of other major cities in Canada.

We ask that our elected city officials:

1.  Maintain funding for the Regina Police Service; and

2.  Hire additional police officers to bring Regina back to a police to population ratio that is comparable to other major Canadian cities.

Our police are partners in our community and we depend on them to keep us safe.  It is currently all too common to see anti-police comments and negative media attention.  Please show your support for the men and women who protect us by signing this petition.