Pedestrian Controlled Crossing Light @ 1st and Ospika Intersection

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This petition is being started because we believe there needs to be some form of controlled traffic light at the intersection of 1st and Ospika. There has been way to many instances where people are put in danger due to this intersection not having clear enough views and/or to much going on, including many pedestrians. 

1. Pedestrians walking from Quinson side across the crosswalk on 1st come from a blind spot behind the white fence.

2.Vehicles parked in the bike lane along Ospika at Park Village apartments cause a blind spot to people standing on the triangle meridian about to cross.

3.Vehicles turning left onto 1st avenue from Ospika cause a blind spot to pedestrians crossing Ospika going towards Quinson Elementary. They also create a blind spot for vehicles turning left off Ospika onto 1st avenue the opposite direction, headed towards Quinn St.

One mothers plea to save a child's life and family from not having to go through the stress of what we are feeling right now. 

Our poor 18 year old boy is fighting for his life in hospital right now, it is time for change. 

Please share this, as well as stories you may have about this intersection so that something will be done. Children cross there 9 months a year, let's do something before a loved one passes away.

We need as much help as we can.

No one else should feel this pain.

Thank you.