Oppose the Major Zoning Amendment of 33 Maple Grove Road, Ottawa

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The residents in the community of Katimavik in Kanata, ON are looking to have the Major Zoning By-Law Amendment rejected by the City of Ottawa. This amendment would allow two low-rise apartment buildings containing six units each, for a total of twelve apartments and 14 parking spaces. The community has the following the concerns with this proposed amendment:

  • The proposed plan does not match the character of the neighbourhood of single family homes including setback and building height.
  • This will create a precedent for other areas in the neighbourhood, and other single family home communities in Ottawa to be rezoned to R4F from R1M.
  • The development will lead to issues, including, but not limited to: traffic congestion; parking issues; inadequate storm water management; inadequate sewage infrastructure; light and noise pollution; insufficient traffic calming measures.
  • Environmental impacts, including that the increased volume of building will impact the diverse bird population and wildlife. The increase of impermeable materials will lead to a lack of storm water management, potentially leading to flooding in neighbouring properties.

This neighbourhood was not built with this level of intensification in mind outside of the greenbelt. This addition to our neighbourhood and similar neighbourhoods will lead to traffic congestion on the 417 and continue to set Ottawa back in our fight against climate change. Save the mature trees, save our community.

For additional information on the Major Bylaw Amendment Application, visit the developers proposal: https://bit.ly/31fr9pB 

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