Help the community get an indoor Skatepark in Durham Region

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Skateboarding is something that helps a lot of people with their life. Whether it is to have fun with your friends, make memories, or cope with stress/potential personal life problems, Skateboarding is something that is done by many people and gradually gets more and more popular each year. My name is Kris, and I live in Oshawa where unfortunately we do not have access to an Indoor Skatepark. The closest Indoor park is in Scarborough and some people in the local skate community may not want to travel out that way to skate in the winter. To help people continue Skateboarding through the winter, and not get kicked out of parking garage's or other indoor establishments, I think it is a very necessary move that should be made. I am hoping that with this can make waves in the local skate scene, so that we can bring this to the attention of the City of Oshawa, and perhaps work something out. An indoor skatepark would also help decrease "vandalism" from waxing ledges and skating rails out in the streets, so this would be a win win for the city. Skaters get to skate, and the city receives less vandalism. Let's share this as much as we can and get as many people to sign this and see if we can make a change!