Keep weekly red rubbish bin collection

Keep weekly red rubbish bin collection

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City of Monash

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Started by Winnie Wong

The community at Monash cares a lot about the environment and have already taken measures to reduce waste. A weekly rubbish bin collection cycle just barely meet our needs. Therefore, we strongly object to changing the cadence to fortnightly.

Our community have already take various measures to reduce or manage waste:

1. Many of us have already set up food compost at home.

2. Some of us have other ways of recycling food waste.

3. We already sort out waste appropriately into those that can be recycled, green/food waste, and general rubbish. 

4. Some of us with large families, multi-generation households, family with medical conditions that generate waste, families with babies, etc have already purchased and upgraded to a larger/extra bin. It is JUST enough to meet our needs.

But even with the above measures, many of us find that our weekly bin collection just sufficiently meet our needs. 

This means that a fortnightly collection cycle will lead to unintended consequences that will causes nuisance and health hazard to our community:

1. Overfilled bins, and making it more difficult for our rubbish collection staff

2. Rubbish flying into the gutter due to overfilling

3. Unwelcomed insects and pests scavenging around the neighbourhood

4. Larger families needing to visit the various waste centres on a weekly basis thereby creating unnecessary inconvenience

5. Causing additional stress to families with medical needs or babies, because some recycling methods are difficult to adopt in their circumstances.

We hope that the Council will listen to the collective voice of the community and MAINTAIN OUR WEEKLY RED RUBBISH BIN COLLECTION.

Thank you.



2,976 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!