STOP HOT PLASTIC "greening" our streets and say "No" to artificial turf on our verges

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Adelaide is getting hotter and drier and our suburbs are becoming more built up. In these times we need to be doing everything we can to cool and green our streets and suburbs.

As a resident of the City of Marion, I was surprised when I heard that the City of Marion was considering changing their rules and allowing residents to install artificial turf on their verges. So on behalf of the Marion Living Smarties (a local sustainability group), I wrote to all of the Councillors highlighting the problems of artificial turf:

- it is significantly hotter than other surfaces

- it is made of plastic and needs to be disposed of to landfill at the end of it's life 

- over time it sheds small bits of plastic that will enter our waterways and pollute our environment

- it acts as a heat bank to increase summer temperatures

- reflected heat from it causes stress to surrounding plants and contributes to heating up our suburbs

- it doesn't allow much water through and compacts the underlying soil

- it is harder then grass and natural surfaces increasing the risk of injury or a trip hazard

If you knew of the environmental issues and potential health risks would you vote Yes or No to changing the rules and allowing artificial turf on verges? Despite being presented with this information and recommendations from council staff that artificial turf presents more problems than it fixes, Council voted in favour to change their verge guidelines to ALLOW artificial turf. The decision was deadlocked with the Mayor Kris Hanna having the deciding vote. 

I was shocked when I heard their decision. 

I would like your support in overturning this decision. 

I will present my case in person to the Councillors and urge them to reverse this decision. 

I encourage you to add your voice to this important issue. 

Support this petition and help me get the City of Marion Councillors to reconsider.   

This decision goes against the other good work that the City of Marion is doing to green the city through planting more street trees and their work to create climate resilient communities. 

We need REAL green, cool suburbs, not HOT fake plastic ones....

Council has an important role to help educate the community and to help residents make good decisions that will benefit the community and the environment.  


Say NO to artificial turf on verges.