Provide Space For Pedestrians & Cyclists To Practice Physical Distancing (London, Ontario)

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The current situation (COVID-19) necessitates physical distancing to keep ourselves and members of our community safe. More residents are choosing a means of transportation for their needs that comply with this, however lack the space to do so safely. The TVP is currently being overcrowded and is unable to safely support the additional demand from our residents.

We need to consider opening more space to allow for distancing by closing down curb lanes of 4+ lane roads. This would ensure that pedestrians and cyclists don't need to consider walking/cycling across private property or onto roadways to maintain a safe distance from one another.

While our roadways are currently seeing lighter vehicular traffic, recent news reports show an increase in speeding which, in turn, poses an even greater risk to cyclists/pedestrians, especially as they make space for one another.

To demonstrate the need for this additional space, and importance of walking and cycling in our community, the Big Bike Giveaway along with Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-Op has already given 100+ bicycles to essential workers in need of alternate means to get to and from their workplace to provide the services we require. This illustrates the need for more safe spaces to travel, move, and exercise without cars.

Many international cities have already provided hundreds of kilometres of additional space, and we have a chance to be at the forefront, like Mississauga has begun, of Canada to work towards a better solution in our current climate.