All signs should adhere to Canadian Code of Ad Standards

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Residents in many parts of London have been exposed to graphic images of alleged aborted fetuses over the last few days. Anti-abortion protesters are holding large signs on public sidewalks and delivering graphic flyers to homes and apartments. 

Many residents have been upset, some, including parents who have recently lost a pregnancy, have been deeply traumatized by these images. 

We ask the City of London to implement the following:

1. An amendment to an existing by-law or a new by-law that would ban the delivery of flyers to homes that have a "no flyer" sign. (Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa already have these bylaws)

2. An amendment to an existing by-law that would state that the content of any signs, including temporary signs, must adhere to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. The city of Toronto is already working towards banning these images, which violate Section 14(c) and (d) of the Code. 

We hope that the City of London will see fit to address these concerns and to implement these changes.

Thank you.