Temporarily open Breakwater Park as a covid-free space for staff and patients of KGH only.

Temporarily open Breakwater Park as a covid-free space for staff and patients of KGH only.

April 9, 2021
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Bryan Paterson (Mayor, City of Kingston) and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Casnig

Kingston's Breakwater Park has been shut down by the City of Kingston in response to an outbreak of Covid-19 at Queen's University. This was necessary to ensure public safety. However, as a consequence, this park has also been shut down to the staff and patients of KGH, who have traditionally used it as a refuge from the stress of hospital work or by patients as an outdoor space to get fresh air or talk privately with loved ones. It is often used by cancer patients to discuss serious matters with family, or to spend quality time with their kids before their life ends.

This petition is asking for the support of the City of Kingston, KFL&A Public Health, Kingston's Department of Recreation and Fitness, KGH administration, law enforcement and various bodies at Queen's for the following:

1) To immediately turn Breakwater Park into a temporary outdoor covid-free space for KGH on-duty staff and in-house patients (and, when viable, in-house patient visitors) for 2 months.

2) To provide 24 hour security at entry points to check for KGH staff or patient identification, or to endorse volunteers or donations to support the cost of security; or,

3) To publicly acknowledge the need for this space.

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Signatures: 397Next Goal: 500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Bryan PatersonMayor, City of Kingston
  • Dr. Kieran M. MooreMedical Officer of Health, KFL&A Public Health
  • Dr. David R. PichoraPresident & CEO, Kingston Health Sciences Centre
  • Antje McNeelyChief of Police, Kingston Police
  • Lacricia TurnerDirector of Recreation & Leisure Services, City of Kingston