Construct skate park in the lower mission of Kelowna

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The kids in the Lower Mission, Ponds area, Kettle valley, and Crawford have to travel by bus, or vehicle to reach the skate parks in Kelowna. So most will result in skating the streets, getting kicked out and hassled by the community and security is an inconvenience for both the skater and the workers. Putting a skate park in the lower mission will give both kids and adults a safe space to pursue their hobbies and passions. Skateboarding has always been an escape from issues and misbehavior. Kids should be out skating then out causing mischief etc, having a place for more people to skateboard at will greatly increase the number of people encouraged to skate and also bring the current skaters out of the streets. When youth have nowhere to go and nothing to do, that is when they are ill-behaved if you give them something then the illicit behavior will decrease. Skateboarding gives a significant health boost, giving people something to do will get them to go out and do it. Not enough people want to skate simply because there is nowhere to do it. Skate parks can increase tourism in a city when a good skate park is made, a good amount of people will flock to try the park out for themselves. 

Overall, having a skate park in the lower mission would have no downside, just benefits for the community, shops, skaters, and the city.