New Fourcast housing in Lindsay On needs to see changes!

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The City of Kawartha Lakes decided to build a housing development for the homeless people of Lindsay, ON who suffer from addiction/mental health issues.  This building is located at 68 Lindsay St N.  Along with Fourcast, it was built to be a safe haven for the lucky ones who got to move in. Since the apartments have mostly been occupied, the destruction that has already occurred on the inside alone is unbelievable.  I know this as I have been on the inside on more than one occasion. Not only the destruction of walls and doorways and the units, the main destruction is the human beings that live there.  Drug dealers and addicts run from apartment to apartment, getting their next fix.  Needles have been found on the outside of the building by citizens walking by.  What I have seen that goes in inside breaks my heart.

The reason I am so distraught is because a loved one lives there.  I know what addiction looks like and what the outcome can be as I lost my son 5 years ago to a Fentanyl overdoes at the age of 23.  Once you have witnessed that lost, and a partner you have loved for years is now living in this housing complex and back on hard drugs, it devastates you, your heart breaks all over again.  My partner was clean for 3 months before moving in.  He is now in that "black hole" and its ok, cause you are allowed to use drugs there. You are allowed to sell drugs there. Police are callled there frequently at all hours for robbery, a stabbing, fights and people that dont even live there causing issues. Trespassing notices have been handed out to each room with a list of names that are not allowed to be in the building, but still go in as I watched it take place.  

Why did the city not ask the community how they felt about this?  

This beautiful building could have housed the less fortunate who suffer from addiction and mental health issues differently.  Why not house those who truly wanted help? The people who wanted a better life, a sober life could have had a chance at being rehabilitated and then becoming a sober and healthy member of the community, working with Fourcast and CMHA.  Agreeing to terms like  being active in councelling and meetings, adhering to rules and conditions, as well as learning how to become an active member of society, finding a job and learning how to do interviews and resumes, once rehabilitated. 

To me, this housing complex would have been very welcoming to this community. I'm positive that the citizens in this city would have been happy to tax dollars going to the right areas that are truly needed. 

Changes need to take place!!! This building is the talk of the town!  It's just a matter of time before the death's will start to take place at 68 Lindsay St N.  Please sign this petition and share it to all, as I will not stop trying to make a difference.  I will present this petition but I need support from the citizens of Kawartha Lakes to help make a change.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart

Vera Fillion