Keep the Dublin Street Rail Crossing Open to Pedestrians!

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Metrolinx and the City of Guelph recently announced a plan to close the Dublin Street railway crossing to vehicles and pedestrians. Initial public consultations planned in March were cancelled due to the pandemic. Now the City has announced the project is moving ahead, without any meaningful consultation taking place.

This crossing is a key daily travel route for hundreds of people by foot, bicycle, strollers and wheelchairs. It's the most direct route for many people going to Central School, workplaces, churches, businesses and homes. The closure will require pedestrians to add 400m to each trip to cross at the next intersection (5 mins on foot).

Closing this crossing will negatively impact the neighbourhood and active transportation flow through the city. There has not been meaningful consultation to look at alternate options to keep the crossing open.

We call on Metrolinx and the City of Guelph to listen to community input, and investigate how a safe crossing can be maintained for pedestrians and other active transportation users.