Stop cuts to Education for Children with Disabilities.

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Edinburgh Council are proposing large cuts to funding for Special Schools and Additional Support for Learning in their next budget. 

These cuts do not take account of the rising numbers of children with Additional Support Needs (according to the Council's own figures).  It is also a very short-sighted measure as cuts will simply mean more tribunals and children being sent out of Edinburgh to extremely expensive out of authority placement.  This is not at all desirable from anyone's point of view. It is really quite outrageous that the Council is making these proposals while speaking about early intervention and trying to bring down the rapidly rising numbers of Looked After Children.  There are many excellent, dedicated staff within the Council and in special provision but they are being stretched to breaking point.  It is completely ridiculous to say that cuts of £1 million will have 'no impact'.


The Council are in danger of failing to provide adequately under the Additional Support Needs legislation.  These children, therefore, are not being provided with an education that meets their needs (hence the danger of ASN Tribunals).  Perhaps Councillors will think this is not an issue which impacts on the majority of the constituents.  But they would be wrong.  Every parent knows what it is like for their child in mainstream to have to cope when there is a child with additional needs in the class who is not adequately supported.

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