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Lyall Street in the City of Casey has become one of the worst areas with gang bashing's and thefts, to the point it has made many locals scared to catch Public Transport from this location.

Within our group "Casey Crime Page" we are seeing a growing number of posts about people being bashed and personal belongings being stolen at these locations.

Cranbourne is known for its crime and continuing gang related offences within the area, being one of the most popular bus stops in Cranbourne linking up to the Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre, and many high schools and primary schools, CCTV and PSO's are needed to help protect not only the children, but those who may become a target.

We need the City of Casey to install CCTV cameras along this area to help protect, better yet the local State Member for Parliament have permanent PSO’s within the main areas of the shopping centre and surroundings for PUBLIC SAFETY, this  bus stop is one of the most dangerous in the metro area.

Couple Examples

  1. 20th June 2020, threatening of a young girl and her partner forcing her to hand over her phone, house keys and personal details.
  2. Sunday 21 June 2020 - Young man mugged on the roof top of Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre about to start work, car, wallet & phone stolen
  3. Wednesday 16th October 13 year old girl left traumatized after a group of girls punched her to the back of her head.
  4. Monday 8th June, son approached and demanded to hand over Kathmandu Jacket and his iPhone at 5:30PM
  5. 8th June Disabled man allegedly bashed at Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre before trying to steal his trolley's basket which contained his phone and wallet.

This is only 4 of many more incidents which have occurred at this location and 3 of those within the previous month.

We ask that you sign this petition and help create a change.