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There is a lot of talk and criticism going on in the Quinte area these days. Talk and criticism about one of our own, who is human, and by being human, made a mistake. Granted, it was a huge mistake, but don’t we all make mistakes? I thought we lived in “The Friendly City”? The attack and the despicable way people are treating this individual is beyond my belief. I’ve known Todd my entire life, give or take maybe 10 years and never once, was I ever treated with anything other then respect. Since someone took it upon their self to start a “FIRE TODD BENNETT” petition, I thought I would start a “KEEP TODD BENNETT” petition. I seen a list in the paper and thought I would share them.…

From raising money for cancer patients, our local homeless shelter and womens’ shelter, to coaching hockey, football, baseball, track and field, to developing a program to help youth manage behavioural issues to cooking Good Friday meals at the Salvation Army.… Do you know 1 person who would volunteer their time for all this? I don’t. 

Not to mention a few years ago, he volunteered his own time, making it possible for a woman to visit her own child, on Christmas Day. Kids wave a Todd in his cruiser and he waves back, sometimes stopping to chat. I’ve not seen a lot of Belleville’s finest do this.

We are all entitled to down time from our jobs, personal or professional lives from time to time. Before we know it, we’ll be criticized from the way we dress, the way we talk, what we eat and what car you drive. I for one have no opinion about the pic on FB, lets face it FB can and is sometimes a pain in the @ss. I can however say, that regardless of what someone wears, it does not dictate who they are. It does not stop the individual from doing their job. WE ARR ALL HUMAN!