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Petitioning City of Austin, Texas

Include the Science Museum & Planetarium project in the Austin 2012 Bond

Austin, TX lacks a full-spectrum science museum and is the largest city in the nation without a planetarium. We would like to show the City of Austin how much the community wants to see a facility like this constructed.

Letter to
City of Austin, Texas
I urge the City of Austin Bond Election Advisory Task Force to identify and recommend the Austin Planetarium’s science museum, planetarium and technology center as a project for funding in the City of Austin 2012 Bond election. Furthermore, I urge the Austin City Council to include the Austin Planetarium project in the City of Austin 2012 bond package for the proposed amount of $3 million.

Austin, TX is the largest city in the nation without a planetarium and it also lacks a full-spectrum science museum. In a city that is touted as Silicon Hills the conspicuous absence of these crucial community assets is unacceptable. A facility, such as the one proposed by the Austin Planetarium, is certain to enhance the community in a variety of ways. It will provide an unparalleled educational destination for area schools to enjoy on field trips; it will provide a place for the science-minded technology workforce to enjoy with their families, thus aiding in the recruitment and retention of the technology workforce; it will offer a venue for the robust technology community of Austin to display the incredible innovations and products that are developed right here in our backyard; it will create a new tourist destination, enhancing the experience of visitors to the State Capital and increase revenue generated in the local tourism and hospitality industries; it will stand as a world-class model of architecture and sustainability, and be a source of pride for all Texans; it will entertain, educate and inspire our community to pursue academic paths and careers in the important fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The time has come for the City of Austin to help with the development of a science museum, planetarium and technology center in Austin. Please include the Austin Planetarium on the 2012 City of Austin Bond Election Advisory Task Force recommendations as well as the final 2012 Bond package. Together we can finally give Austin and Central Texas a place to expand their horizons and reach for the stars.

Thank you,