Let the Current Zoning Stand at 4210 Lyons Creek

Let the Current Zoning Stand at 4210 Lyons Creek

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To the City Councillors of Niagara Falls,

We, the undersigned residents of Niagara Falls (Chippawa), draw attention to City Council Members of the proposed rezoning of 4210 Lyons Creed Rd. (Corner of Sodom) from the current zoning which allows for 8 townhouses and a commercial corner to Residential Apartment 5F Density (R5F) which is the highest density allowed in the entire City of Niagara Falls, and which allows for drastically increased height and density to the property. They are proposing two four story apartment buildings containing a total of 135 units.

The City has yet to approve such a drastic rezoning in this type of residential area. Allowing this rezoning would be unprecedented in an area that is not commercial in nature or of high density. It does not fit in with the area which is mainly single family residential and our infrastructure cannot support this. It would also severely negatively impact the quality of life for the residents of the entire Village of Chippawa.

We respectfully demand that the current zoning stand.

We call upon the City Council Members to vote NO to the application for rezoning and an official
plan amendment, being application AM-2018-011 and allow the existing zoning to stand.