Proper Waste Management of PPE

Proper Waste Management of PPE

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Started by Ptolemy Group 4

As the pandemic continues, the rate at which personal protective equipment (PPE) are used and disposed of are increasing and it doesn’t look like it will soon decline as long as the virus exists. We made this petition to spread awareness for the environment regarding the disposal of PPE as people seemed to be disposing of them incorrectly. When personal protective equipment is not properly disposed of, it can cause more harm than good. We are aiming to further remind our community that the disposal of PPE is an important thing to do properly and may cause harm if left improperly disposed.

Hospitals are an excellent example of how PPE are supposed to be segregated as hospitals tend to have a strict guideline on how to properly dispose of PPE. If such a big facility like a hospital can do this, segregation of PPE in your own households will be doable even if it’s not as large as a hospital. It is recommended to gather PPE in a single container as they are often hazardous once used and must properly be sealed away until you have the chance to get rid of them when trash is being collected. It is important to have discipline for this kind of act as we all want to help protect the environment from further pollution.

Barangays in the country may also want to gather all used PPE and separate them from other trash once all trash from households have been collected. Now is the perfect moment for us to make good decisions and take responsibility because these actions will have an impact on our environment. All organizations should assess their present PPE disposal practices to verify they’re managing risks and hazards properly.


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32 have signed. Let’s get to 50!